What should I learn in 2019

There is still a lot to learn more in C# world, e.g. DDD, functional style, clean code, etc. But, it’s about time to learn something other than C#. The list below is my personal priority on what to learn in 2019.

  1. .Net Core
    1. SSW in Sydney was using DotNetCore only (No .Net framework) from 4 years ago.
  2. Cloud Architecture
    • Azure
  3. Big Data
    • Solutions?
  4. AI (ML)
    • Theory
    • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio?
      • Not really need this, because it’s slow and costly. Use ML.Net C# library instead. Fast, free and flexible.
    • Tensorflow ?
  5. Front End Tech
    • React / Vue
  6. Mobile Development
    • Jamarin – Apple mobile app
  7. DevOps
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
  8. Functional Programming
    1. F#
    2. Haskell
  9. Another language
    1. Python
  10. Block Chain
    • ?

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