SQL Intellisense – You must use

I know some developers are good enough to code without intellisense. But I’m not as I started coding with Visual Studio so I live with intellisense from day one. Intellisens is like an iphone to everyday people living in 21 centry. 

I was pretty happy with the intellisens and other inteligent support from Visual Studio and ReSharper. 

Onc day, while writing a SQL script on SSMS I had a question that why intellisense in SSMS is so poor even in 2020. and I started to a quick search for an 3rd party intellisense tool like Resharper in SSMS. 

First, I installed ApexSQL’s SQL code complete and used a few days. This looked provided intellisense, but it shows all DB object each time and actually didn’t show the columns when I needed.

After a few unhappy days, I installed Devart’s SQL Complete. It turns out this is the one I was looking for. I shows the best potential SQL syntax, database names, column name exactly when it’s needed and does the auto complete. I finally felt like coding C# in Visual Studio and all the stress I used to had during SQL coding. This tool saves a lot of time for me when coding SQL in SSMS. 

This tool provides other functions like refactoring and lots of productivity features, which I’ll explore as it goes. 

Even better is this tool provides express (free) version, which is good enough to enjoy intellisensing. 

If you are not using SQL Complete. It’s like you are coding in NotePad. 

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