How to be productive

by Allen & Schwartzone

Allen is the author of the best seller Getting Things Done, the other is the author of the best seller Be Excellent at Anything

– Be healthy(fitness, sleep, nutrition, and rest), cultivate positive thinking, and communicate it with others.
– Human being is not a machine, so need to be rhythmic. Focus on work and rest, not just to be sitting all day.
– Do important thing first in the morning.- Dump idea out of head and externalise it. (the way of Get Thing Done(GTD))
– We are creatures of habit- Break down big tasks and focus on smaller “next action”, which is manageable.
– Regularly review task list.
– Concentrate and finish one thing at a time
– Handle the distraction like e-mail, message, etc.
– Leader should be the chief energy officerSummarised from HBR 2011.05

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