CIO roundtable 2011 hosted by UTS ITMP

I’ve been to CIO Roundtable hosted by the Information Technology Management Program at University of Technology, Sydney several days ago. It’s the first time for me to attend and hear those kinds of ideas. I’m just trying to sum up some ideas that’s coming up to mind after attending this event.

– CIOs who are spending more time on client and business than technology issues are more successful than tech savvy CIOs. Thus, CIO’s role is more about business strategy and advice on that rather than just technology solution provider.

– It’s CIO’s ability to stand up and have a say to board of executives in a company, if tech department is set aside by other directors.

– Obviously, the position as a CIO is a complex and challenging one. It’s tough.

– To be a CIO or IT manager, totally different skills are required from those of pure developers who receive order and make it happen.

– Finally and in my personal opinion, considering being a IT manager, Toastmaster is the perfect way to improve many of those skills that is needed for CIO and IT manager.

– One more thing, the issue of speaking up as a representative of IT department in a company is pretty similar with the case in Korea.

PS. it’s easy to find the UTS ITMP at Linkedin groups.