UTS IT Subject: Internet Programming

Internet Programming is the subject that I studied in last semester at the University of Technology, Sydney. The content is relatively easy, so anyone who has no experience of web development may feel suitable for this subject.

But, someone who have some experience of web development may feel the subject is boring. Considering that the rumor that the 2 assignments of this subject never changed for the last decade, it might not interesting to run a skill which is 10 years old.

If the subject were focusing on HTML5 or at least XHTML 4 strict or focusing more on PHP which may lead to develop a skill enough to use handling open source CMS tools out there, it would have been more interesting, practical and useful.

Ironically, the subject note is well written and organised so don’t undervalue it. This subject don’t force to attend lecture or tutorial. Therefore, if you have a web experienced student, the subject must be a piece of cake. Only the final exam, which comprise 70% of total mark, can be a little challenging.

Finally, I attach my assignment 1 and 2 here, hoping to be referenced by new students who need some help. Frankly, I hope the uni change the assignments more practically.

Assignment 1 : Online shop using image map and PHP
Assignment 2 : Same as assignment 1 but using Java Applet instead of image map.