Installation of redmine on BlueHost

As one of the best open-source project management program redmine is quite well known one, which can be use with several version control programs like SVN.

I just successfully installed redmine 1.2.1 on Bluehost after lots of trial and error. Even though there are lots of documents which explains how to do it, installing redmine is still not easy. is the one I reference obviously. However, I get a lot of help from In particular, I’m new to the Ruby on Rails, the installing process was somewhat new. Moreover, Bluehost has its own configuration, so the webiste,, is quite good to follow.

Several issues that I faced are as follows.

– Each redmine version has its own compatibility issue. So, we must stick to requirement on each version. I have to uninstall and reinstall several gem files, because Bluehost already installed newer versions.

– remine on Bluehost only work as subdomain access. So, I have to register subdomain at cPanel of Bluehost. After that, delete auto-generated subdomain related directory and used symbolic link.

– After all these, remine didn’t work until past one day. I still don’t know the reason, which might, I guess, related to restarting Apache or something.

– Email(SMTP) configuration is the same as other SMTP client configuration. But, on version 1.2.1., the configuration of mail is done on the file, configuration.yml, which is the change from previous versions that may had email.yml.

Next step will be the linking with SVN.

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